Frequently Asked Questions

Suitable Subtitle

To place a guest order we need the following information:

1- Your target URL
2- Keyword
3- Anchor text

Yes, you can write your own content and provide it to us if you wish to do so. However, our outreach team will review it thoroughly to make certain that it matches the quality standards which our partners require to be met for publishing it on their blogs. In case you do want to write your content, please ensure that it is ready before you place an order to prevent any delays in the process.

We sure can! We create content for any niche.

Unfortunately, we do not take the requests for reviewing the content before we post it. However; we have written thousands of these articles and our customers love them. These are professionally written articles designed for a real audience, not SEO or promotions. The written content produced by our native English speaking writers is already pre-approved by our team.

We always try to include geo-specific terminology, but we can’t guarantee that it will get placed. Due to the manual outreach process of guest posting, it is ultimately up to the publisher whether it gets included, and more times than not, it does not get included. Therefore, we recommend not using geo-specific anchor text.

We guarantee to fix or replace any links that go down within 10 days after your purchase. This is not a common occurrence, but we put this guarantee here for your protection.

Our guest posts typically take 7-15 days to be completed. However; due to the nature of manual outreach, it is possible for these orders to take a few  days.

Suitable Subtitle

Absolutely. Google wants to see relevant, contextual links from authoritative blogs and publications. That is exactly what you’re getting with any order that you place with us.

There is no time limit as to how long the links we build will stay live for. They last as long as you would expect any other web page to be live for on the organic web.

The metric that we price by is Moz domain authority. However, we also use Ahrefs DR and many other metrics when quality checking blogs that we work with.

We believe we go further than any other link building agency out there to ensure the highest quality!

Yes, we ensure that we only deliver followed links to clients. If a blogger publishes an article with nofollow links we will start out process again from scratch for you – without any additional charge.

We work with most niches; however, we tend to take some on a case by case basis.

For example, pornographic sites and illegal drug suppliers are a definite no. However, casino, gaming, and betting we can do on occasion at a higher price – contact us for details or email us:

If 1 condition apply then you can get a refund,
There is the following 1 condition:
With no minimum order size on our blog outreach service, you can order a single link to test our services. If we fail to deliver a link meeting or exceeding the DA ordered, (at the time of link placement) you will be given a full refund or a replacement. No hassle, no excuses.