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Real Links, Real Influencers, Real Results!

We work with influencers to secure relevant, sustainable links that improve your search engine rankings and drive targeted traffic.

We understand that every business and website is unique, our PR team manually handpicks each and every placement.

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    Get sustainable improvement in your search ranking with White-Hat link-building via get the backlink.
    Increase your website’s overall SEO performance with high quality backlinks
    Customized and targeted link building campaigns to achieve results that matter.

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    “We, at Get The Backlink Company, have a team of seasoned experts who acquire hand-picked links for you manually. We help you to connect with real blogs and establish real business connections.“

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Delivering Outstanding Results to Ambitious Brands!

Ranking your website is easy when you’re working with the right people that offer the right services.
You’ll not be only our client, you’ll be part of our continuously growing family.

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Custom Campaigns

We plan, create and collaborate to deliver custom link building campaigns that perform exceptionally well.

Improve SERP

Our plan is to create high quality, do-follow backlinks for your website, which results in improved SEO performance.

Generate revenue

White-hat, niche-relevant backlinks lead to increased SERP that eventually increases the website traffic and conversions.

Target Audience

Get mentioned on authoritative websites & let your business connect to the desired target audience.


Our Link Building Process Is Effective & Transparent!

Prospect Link Opportunities

We target industry-relevant websites owned by real bloggers who we can trust to promote your content effectively. When we find the relevant ones, we reach out to them with the aim to increase your online presence.

Create Editorial Content

We do this, so you don’t have to! Our in-house team analyzes your website and creates unique, magazine-style content that is helpful for generating traffic as well as increasing readership. It’s a dual benefit that you get by collaborating with us!

Content Publication

We share the content with the manually-outreached blogger and stay in loop until the content piece with a do-follow link is published. We follow up with the bloggers for edits, if required before or after publishing.

Reporting & Tracking

We submit a white-label report and provide access to a daily SERP tracking dashboard. While the report mentions details for the links we created for you, the dashboard lets you measure the results and to plan for the future campaigns.

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We optimize the potential of SEO friendly Link Building

Getting links just for the sake of it is not something we do. We plan the content, create SEO friendly converting articles, decide the publications, the placement and ensure that your keyword ranks on search engines like Google and Bing.

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  • World Class Worker
Completed Projects
Completed Projects

Premium Guest Post Service Pricing

White-hat guest post packages tailored to meet different industries, budget and end-goals.

Premium Guest Post Service Pricing

White-hat guest post packages tailored to meet different industries, budget and end-goals.


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Custom Outreach Campaign

Assuming the client approaches us with specialty explicit necessities, we plan a custom outreach crusade and guarantee that they get joins on applicable sites.

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What is the blogger outreach service??

Generally speaking, blogger outreach is the course of decisively conveying and building associations with industry powerhouses and distributers to accomplish a particular objective, including Content advertising and SEO: Landing visitors posting open doors, advancing new happiness, and procuring new backlinks.

What is the advantage of blogger outreach??

Benefits for Backlinks Also, one of the advantages of utilizing blogger outreach is that you can acquire a ton of backlinks from different sites. The higher the number of value backlinks you have, the better your site's positioning in web search tools, which additionally further develops your image perceivability.

What is the best system for blogger outreach??

Right away, underneath are the fundamental advances you want to take for a viable blogger outreach procedure:

What is visitor blogger outreach??

Visitor writing for a blog outreach is an essential method for interfacing with your interest group on different sites they use. It extends your range and advances your image. However, you can utilize blogger outreach assuming you get seen by editors and get distributed on the right stages.

For what reason is outreach significant for business??

It aids with enhancing memorability, operating with the advancement, and lifting income. The fundamental thought is to give a motivator in return for some help instead of demand making clients purchase labor and products from your organization. Outreach promotion considers a commonly useful collaboration for the two players.

What are the hindrances of outreach services??

``Conveyance`` outreach generally serves individuals who are hampered by obstructions like an absence of transportation, low pay, absence of health care coverage, and social contrasts.

What is the contrast between outreach and showcasing??

The contrast between cool email outreach and promoting messages is that email outreach goes to individuals who don't have any acquaintance with you yet and showcasing messages goes to explicit crowds who have selected to accept your messages.

What is an outreach methodology??

An outreach methodology is a particular arrangement of strategies expected to draw in new clients. Contingent upon the intricacy of your deals association, your outreach system can comprise of one activity or a blend of different strategies.

What are instances of outreach exercises??

A few instances of outreach exercises incorporate public talks, field trips for understudies or grown-ups, local area based participatory exploration, local area or expert studios, the advancement of an instructive pamphlet or resident's aide, joining forces with K-12 educators, and service on a board or council of a nearby.

What does an outreach laborer do??

Outreach laborers assist and ease pressure on people with persevering through emotional wellness issues and are dependable to the Senior Outreach Worker, Community Support Services Manager, or Community Mental Health Officer. They will similarly provide a related kind of help to the carer.


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